John Stoneman

Partner, Kearns Edgewater Financial Services Inc.

e: john@kefsi.com
p: 416-363-0656

John Stoneman joined Kearns Edgewater Financial as a Partner in early 2013, working within our corporate and individual insurance practice. John began in the insurance industry in 2011 with Freedom 55 Financial in their sales training program where he became passionate about the importance of estate planning and the opportunity to provide immense value to families and businesses through his work.

John works directly with our corporate and family clients, helping them to purchase, implement and maintain high quality insurance solutions. He is deeply involved in our firm's business development efforts, marketing our services to growing companies and families that require a more personalized and professional approach to managing their insurance portfolios.

John is a Graduate from Queens University (BAH), and an active alumnus of St. Andrews College in Aurora, Ontario. An avid tennis player, John can be caught calling the Badminton and Racquet Club his 'second home'. John supports the Art Gallery of Ontario through an initiative to increase engagement between young professionals and the gallery. He also volunteers with the Ireland Park Foundation, an organization dedicated to celebrating the stories of the Irish in Canada through community engagement and artistic commemoration. In his spare time, John serves in a volunteer capacity as the CFO of a political riding association in Toronto.